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Dating love male and female russia

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The gender ratios are the constant complaint of women in post-Soviet countries, because they feel pressured to do anything in order to attract and keep a mate.For example, if a husband is unfaithful, most people would put the blame on the wife, because she possibly didn’t look after herself, or wasn’t satisfying him sexually, or maybe didn’t provide him with a comfortable home, which drove him to seek pleasures elsewhere.

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Pew research center released a new study explaining why there are more women than men in the countries of post-USSR, including Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

The gender map shows regions by their sex ratios, with the space occupied by the former Soviet Union painted dark blue.

He stated: “Average alcohol consumption per capita is double the rate the WHO [World Health Organization] considers dangerous to one’s health.” Three times more people die in Russia from heart-related deceases as compared to Europe or the USA.

The 2014 study by The Lancet medical journal confirms the general knowledge about high levels of alcohol abuse in Ukraine, Russia, and other post-USSR countries, and put it as the top killer of Russian males: “Russian adults have extraordinarily high rates of premature death.

The research by Pew emphasizes that “the former Soviet Union stands out from the rest of the world”, based on 2015 United Nations Data.