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They were the first members of the family to be "Just" businessmen.

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In recent years Japanese gyuto have gained in popularity with western chefs.This attitude has produced impressive results: Hunting, sporting and pocket knives with the PUMA emblem are among the beat of their kind in the world, and are known and sought after all over the globe.By using the name PUMA, Lauterjung & Sohn are making a clear profession of their determination to uphold the standards maintained in Solingen, the centre of the German cutlery trade for centuries.A KITCHEN KNIFE is any knife that is intended to be used in food preparation.While much of this work can be accomplished with a few general-purpose knives notably a large chef's knife, a tough cleaver, and a small paring knife there are also many specialized knives that are designed for specific tasks.A modern chef's knife is a multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many differing kitchen tasks, rather than excelling at any one in particular.

It can be used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

The invention of the steam engine also led to structural changes within the cutlery industry.

More and more firms moved into the centre of the then still small town of Solingen.

Kitchen knives can be made from several different materials.

The International Man will in the near future be launching its own PRIVILEGE & BENEFIT VIP MEMBERSHIP CARD - named simply 'The Card'.

There are two common types of blade shape in western chef's knives, French and German.